We’re making homeownership simpler, faster — and most importantly, more accessible for Irish people nationwide.

Rebuilding the homeownership journey

After 20 years in business, our focus hasn’t changed. We’re still transforming the way Irish people buy and own a home in this country. Step-by-step we’re taking apart the old infrastructure and replacing it with thoughtful technology and a better experience

Breaking the Status Quo

Mortgage approval has never been straightforward.

Dozens of different lending institutions, each with their own specific qualifying criteria and their own mortgage offerings.

As someone looking to buy their first home or refinance an existing home loan, trying to decide which lender and which offer best suits your individual circumstances can be a daunting and confusing experience.

Making the correct decision at the start of the process can literally save you tens of thousands of euro over the course of the mortgage term.

Established in 2000, First Choice Financial Services DAC is a multi-agency brokerage that deals with all the Irish mortgage providers. We are fully regulated by the CentralBank of Ireland and have vast experience in consistently delivering tailored mortgages for our clients.

We started with a mission to simplify the mortgage process. 20 years later, we’re still innovating.

Mortgage ABC was set up as an online mortgage application portal allowing clients to apply for a mortgage 24/7 from the comfort of their own home.

We save you the time and effort it would take to gather all the information separately and tailor a mortgage solution from beginning to end, designed with you in mind.

You become part of the story by joining thousands of happy homeowners.

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Our Team

Barry White
Barry WhiteManaging Director & Head of Compliance
Angela Leonard
Angela LeonardOffice Administrator
Laura Mansbridge
Laura MansbridgeMortgage Advisor
Peter Murphy
Peter MurphyMortgage Advisor
Joanne Madden
Joanne MaddenMortgage Advisor
Michelle Powell
Michelle PowellMortgage Advisor
Martin White
Martin WhiteBanking Consultant
Paul Kerr
Paul KerrBanking Consultant
Gearóid Yelverton
Gearóid YelvertonBanking Consultant
David Sommerville
David SommervilleFinancial Advisor
Thomas Fitz-Gough
Thomas Fitz-GoughFinancial Advisor
Deirdre Reddan
Deirdre ReddanFinancial Advisor
Amy Quinlivan
Amy QuinlivanFinancial Advisor
Olive Coyne
Olive CoyneFinancial Advisor
Eimear Murray
Eimear MurrayApprentice Financial Advisor

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